about ICI


Since its establishment in 1987, ICI has always been engaged in business centered around language with “communication” as the keyword. Our scope of business ranges from language training, oral and written translation, support for students studying abroad, e-learning system development.
Among these, Nihongo (Japanese language) training for foreign business people has always been an important part. Based on our long experience in the area, we created a textbook series, SUN (Step Up Nihongo), which we then developed into eSUN – an e-Learning system for more efficient and effective acquisition of Nihongo communication skills.
ICI's know-how obtained through operating eSUN has led us to develop new online systems that will make all language learning more efficient and effective.
With the advancement of globalization, Japanese need to acquire English and other language skills better, and at the same time, Japan’s fast-aging society requires Japanese companies to incorporate more foreigners into the workforce who can skillfully use Japanese.
ICI works to respond to these communication needs driven by the Belief it contributes to the world community.

Corporate motto

Contributing to the joy of interpersonal connections through better communication


Australian National University Professor EmeritusPETER DRYSDALE It is a great pleasure for me to introduce the International Communication Institute.
My friendship with Shigekatsu Yamauchi extends back to our student days together at Hitotsubashi University. Shigekatsu and Michie Yamauchi are real professionals dedicated to the substantial business of communication between Japan and other countries. In all they do, they strive to provide quality in service to this goal, with a warmth and understanding that makes the hard business of developing a genuine capacity to communicate with Japan a pleasurable experience.


Japanese in Depth

Japanese in DepthICI chairman, Shigekatsu Yamauchi, contributed a series of columns "Japanese in Depth" to The Daily Yomiuri, Japan's nationwide English-language newspaper. It amusingly illustrates how mindsets are difficult between English and Japanese. It's an eye opener even for Japanese as well as English natives.


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